Past contributors to the vSURF effort

The following individuals have contributed to one or more projects which are part of vSURF. Those actively engaged in vSURF projects are listed on the current developers page.

Students contributors

The following list comprises individuals who have been involved in the VSURF effort. Many of these contributors have been undergraduate students, often demonstrating outstanding productivity, creativity and effort. For students, their area of study and their graduation information are included.

  • Travis Bentley, DSU, Digital Arts & Design, Spring 2011
  • Jimmy Chattin, DSU, Comptuer Game Design, Spring 2013
  • Michelle Davis, DSU, Digital Arts & Deisgn, Spring 2012
  • Jerad Gray, DSU, Computer Science, Winter 2011
  • Adam Ladwig, DSU, Computer Game Design, Spring 2013
  • Bethany Mlady, DSU, Digital Arts & Design,
  • Margaret Pillatzki, DSU, Digital Arts & Design,
  • Liang Teng, Digital Arts & Design, Spring 2012
  • Cody Thaler, DSU, Computer Game Design,
  • Ben Wermers, DSU, Digital Arts & Design,
  • Jon Wornson, DSU, Digital Arts & Design,

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