Current Developers

Current Developers

Here is a list of the great developers that are working on current vSURF projects.  For a list of all the developers that have contributed to vSURF check out the Alumni page.  For students, their area of study and their graduation information are included.


  • Jerad Gray, DSU, Computer Science, (Principle Developer 3D Immersive Environment - CORE ), Winter 2011
  • Jimmy Chattin, DSU, Computer Game Design, (website),  Spring 2013
  • Kent Tornow, SDSU, Graphics, (website), 2012

Faculty and Staff

  • Steven Graham, Ph.D., DSU, Associate Professor, Computer Game Design/Computer Science
  • Jeff Howard, Ph.D., DSU, Assistant Professor, Computer Game Design
  • Stephen Krebsbach, Ph.D., DSU, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Scott Mackenzie, Ph.D., DSU, Professor, Digital Arts & Design
  • Linn Nelson, MFA, DSU, Assistant Professor, Digital Arts & Design
  • Judy Vondruska, SDSU, Assistant Professor, Physics Education


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