Mission Statement

To share the wonders of the Deep Underground Science being done at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF)with those online and to excite and engage them in the active learning of science.

Vision for vSURF

vSURF is not to bring interested parties to an education outreach website but rather to bring them to the Sanford Center for Science Education via the web; providing the experience that you are there to people who can't be there physically.   vSURF will be, in part, an organization of immersive virtual environments that allow visitors to experience the various aspects of the underground laboratory.   This will include, but is not limited to, virtual tours of the underground laboratory, virtual lab experiments utilizing real data and educational games based on the science undertaken at the Sanford Underground Lab and grounded in state and national science education standards.

Beyond games and immersive virtual environments, vSURF also comprises outreach and access for distance audiences of all sorts, including K-12 students, teachers, university students and faculty and researchers. vSURF will promote and link to on-site Sanford Underground Research Facility resources for tours, visits, and research experiences at the science center and lab. Kiosks for vSURF can be located at science centers across the state and nation. Coordination with science centers will result in virtualization of physical displays and activities, along with physical realization of virtual activities. A crucial part of vSURF is to make it easy for scientists and researchers to participate, interact, and share with the varied audiences. Infrastructure, support and processes will be put in place so that every experiment and researcher associated with the Sanford Center for Science Education can potentially become part of vSURF.

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