Scientific and Educational Consultants

In Grateful Appreciation

The initial development and final strength of educational projects developed by the vSURF team would not be possible without the help of research scientists, educational outreach specialists and external reviewers.  We wish to thank those that give freely of their time in support of our E&O efforts.

Consultants for the CoRDIS Project

image of Peggy Norris Dr. Peggy Norris
Deputy Director for the Sanford Center for Science Education

Dr. Norris is heavily involved in the development of education and outreach activities for the current Sanford Underground Laboratory and the future Sanford Center for Science Education.  She has traveled the country giving public talks on the science of the underground facility, developed and taught several teacher workshops in South Dakota and is the lead facilitator for the Davis-Bahcall Scholars program.

image of Micha Kilburn Dr. Micha Kilburn - University of Notre Dame
Director of E&O for JINA (Join Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics)

Micha Kilburn graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. During her graduate career she was heavily involved in the outreach program at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. She served on the outreach committee and led over 100 tours of the laboratory for roughly 1000 people. She is currently the Outreach Coordinator for the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA). Through this position, she is coordinating outreach efforts between JINA's core institutions, while executing current educational programs, instituting new programs, and promoting JINA's research and outreach efforts.

image of Rob McTaggart Dr. Robert McTaggart
Associate Professor of Physics - South Dakota State University 

Dr. McTaggart supports the zone refining by the Center for Ultralow Background Experiments at DUSEL of Germanium.  Zone refining removes impurities that can produce statistical noise in particle physics detectors used in experiments such as neutrinoless double beta decay.  He also supports environmental monitoring of the large water Cherenkov detector for the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE).  LBNE will send neutrinos from Fermilab near Chicago to the Homestake Mine to be detected in a water tank the size of the Mount Rushmore monument.

image of Greg Snow  Dr. Gregory Snow
Head of E&O - Pierre Auger Observatory
Associate Dean of Research - University of NE - Lincoln 

Dr. Snow was originally a part of the UNL Department of Physics and Astronomy where he served as principal investigator of CROP, the Cosmic Ray Observatory Project. CROP was a statewide outreach effort to involve Nebraska high schools in the study of extended cosmic-ray air showers, using retired detectors from the Chicago Air Shower Array  (CASA).  Dr. Snow is currently serving as the Head of E&O for the Pierre Auger Observatory, a cosmic ray experiment in Argentina, as well as Associate Dean of Research at UNL.


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