Current educational workshops related to vSURF have been offered face-to-face at various sites across South Dakota through the Sanford Center for Science Education.  vSURF currently provides the online support for these workshops and may, in the future, assist in providing fully online workshop programs. 

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN)

The  PAN workshop was a week-long workshop offered on the campus of Northern State University during the summer of 2010.  Monthly online meetings followed during the 2010-2011 school year.  The goal of the PAN workshop was to provide teachers with content knowledge and tools to begin incorporating many of the modern physics topics to be studied at SURF (formerly known as DUSEL) into theimage of PAN workshop participants current physical science, chemistry and physics curriculum at the high school level.  The course was a combination of content lectures, inquiry-based activities and group exercises.  Lessons developed and used by teachers were tied to South Dakota science standards.  The course covered the topics of atomic structure and spectroscopy, nuclear science and forensics, nuclear astrophysics and tools and applications of modern physics.  The course was offered for three hours of graduate credit. 


Instructor and primary contact:  Dr. Peggy Norris, Sanford Center for Science Education,

Supporting instructional staff:  Dr. Christina Keller, USD; Judy Vondruska, SDSU; Jacki Omland, NDSU


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