The Virtual Sanford Underground Research Facility  (vSURF) { formerly known as vDUSEL }  is fortunate to be partially supported by several wonderful organizations.  Funding, to this point, has been primarily for capacity building and planning of the vSURF project.  This has included a broad collection of activities including hosting a national symposium on Educational Gamming, developing Hi-Definition animations in support of a half hour television documentary hosted by former South Dakota governor Mike Rounds, attending and presenting at national conferences, the development of this website, and probably the most important the development of Multi-user Virtual Immersive Environments of the Sanford Underground Laboratory in support of educational projects and research. Read about our vSURF projects on the HIGHLIGHTS page.


As part of the Sanford Center for Science Education (SCSE), we are actively seeking public and private sponsors who may be interested in supporting the Science Education mission of vSURF. We are also interested in collaboration opportunities with STEM scientists/Educators wishing to add a Virtual Gaming/Simulation component to enhance their outreach to formal and informal learners both K-16 and public.


The following list of sponsors have all played an important role in the development of vSURF. 

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A substantial portion of the early development of the vSURF project and of this website has been funded by a sub-award from South Dakota EPSCoR

 NSF South Dakota EPSCoR RII  Grant # 0903804

Visit the vSURF South Dakota EPSCoR page to learn more about the exciting science being done at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

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vSURF development has been partially funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Sub-Award from the Sanford Center for Science Education.

DUSEL Education NSF Grant # 0970160


The South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) sponsored a national "Virtual DUSEL Symposium" at Dakota State University in November of 2008 which was the real kickoff to the vSURF (formerly vDUSEL) project.

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Dakota State University (DSU), which hosts the vSURF, has been very supportive in both ongoing direct and indirect support of the project and of the team members who are faculty at the university.  Early and substantial commitments to the vSURF project were vital to its creation.


Some members of  the vSURF Leadership team are current faculty at South Dakota State University (SDSU)   The University, Colleges, and Departments of these members have been very supportive.  A strong collaborative effort between members at DSU and SDSU anchors the vSURF project.

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Black Hills State University (BHSU) currently is closely linked to the Sanford Center for Science Education (SCSE) under the direction of Ben Sayler and Peggy Norris.


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT) in closely bound to the development of the Sanford Underground Laboratory at  HOMESTAKE.  Dr. Bill Roggenthen's early support for the concept of the vSURF project through its transitions has been very helpful.

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The Sanford Underground Laboratory at HOMESTAKE and the wonderful people working there have been extremely helpful in supplying information and in their general support of the vSURF project.  Bill R. Harlan, the Communications Director has been very helpful.


Dr. Kevin Lesko (co-PI along with Dr. Roggenthen of the original vDUSEL project) was a strong early supporter of the Education and Outreach mission of vSURF. His support helped integrate vSURF into the the overall mission of the larger project and eventually into the SCSE.  LBL DUSEL SITE

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