Welcome to the virtual Sanford Underground Research Facility (vSURF). We are part of the Sanford Center for Science Education (SCSE) and reach out to visitors, students, educators and researchers from around the world via the internet.

What we do

vSURF uses and researches technology to support learning and education in science. As one particular aim, vSURF works to provide, enhance and enrich educational experiences for virtual visitors to the Sanford Underground Research Facility at Homestake. vSURF not only supports the learning and research associated with the Sanford Underground Research Facilty, but also works to develop the underlying technology, implement innovative uses of the technology, and explore educational impacts of technology enhanced learning.

What you can do

Lots! Learn about the lab, the research, the technology. The lab formerly known as Homestake Mine is awash in science, history, and engineering challenges. The surroundings are the beautiful Black Hills, with Deadwood a few miles down the valley. Come explore what was the oldest, largest and deepest mine in the Western Hemisphere. Or explore the site of Nobel-prize winning research, ground-breaking engineering achievements and cutting edge research.

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